A warm welcome from Vimala

“Our writing habits are a graphic image of our thought habits, imprinted in the subconscious mind from birth onward,” says Rodgers. “They reflect attitudes that support our talents and abilities as well as those that put a screeching halt on our creativity. As we eliminate handwriting strokes that reflect self- limiting attitudes and replace them with those that reinforce unlimited possibilities, we are simultaneously realigning pathways in the brain, which in turn allow us to see ourselves and our role in life from a refreshing—and at times, revolutionary! perspective. At that point, life opens up in the most amazing ways.”

Says Rodgers: "My life is dedicated to guiding persons in transforming their lives through adopting Self-affirming handwriting patterns. Primarily it's for you-- but it's also for me. To quote a highly respected sage from India:

“The soul’s greatest joy is in discovering itself and in helping others to achieve the same goal.”—Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the classic, Autobiography of a Yogi

Rodgers has taught the Vimala Alphabet technology to educators, parents, artists, yoga instructors, attorneys, psychiatrists, engineers, financial planners, architects, film producers, therapists, persons of the cloth, computer scientists, landscape gardeners, and on and on. Through the years, hundreds of Vimala's clients have attested again and again, "I feel alive for the first time in (x) years! Thank you! Thank you!" or "Who ever would have thought that my pen would give me a new life!"