The Alphabetical Way Webinars

On Oct. 15, 2018 Vimala released the first A-Zed Webinar series for purchase online! 

2018 has been an exciting time for the Institute and Vimala is so thrilled to be connecting with people from all over the world and expanding her vision even further! 

If you would like to join us, please click on this link which will take you to our landing page for purchasing the webinar. 

As a special for you,  we are offering this course for $45 until OCt. 22nd. 2018. After that, the course will be available for $75.  

Thank you for joining us!! 

Alphabetical Blessings

What participants are saying:

Dr Vimala Rodger's has dedicated her life to the study and development of a way of forming the letters of the alphabet in a print script designed to bring out the writer's most noble qualities.  Having practiced this system for over four years, my experience is that her work is "right on" and highly technical.  Whether the writer is a young student learning the symbols of the alphabet or an adult desiring a better way of feeling and shifting to living a life of happiness and success, this particular forming of the letters brings out the individuals most noble characteristics.   

The webinar is a wonderful opportunity to "meet" Dr Rodgers, experience her great love and appreciation for each of her students and to ask questions.  It is the perfect companion to her book:  How Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life.  The webinar is affordable with very easy, intuitive technology.   Please come join us!

All the best,