“Vimala’s work offers practical, physical, and effective techniques to help us understand more about the human psyche, to develop and broaden our mental abilities, to balance our emotional and psychological profiles, and expand our spiritual wholeness. Applying Vimala’s teachings enabled me to go deeper within myself, for they provided tools to develop the consciousness of awakening to the fullest potential of being human...not merely human, but perfectly human.”

Michael Genzmer, Reverend: Tao Christian; Shifu: Qi Gong / Tai Ji Instructor
Retired System Engineer Senior Staff: International Space Station Program, Lockheed Martin Space Systems

“I made notes on changes I could make to have my writing be a sacred meditation, to ensure that it would come from the hallowed place within me. I decided to give myself ample margins, top, bottom, left and right. When I wrote with these new boundaries, I could feel my spirit dancing! I knew something had really shifted inside of me, and change had come. Each new page that I write gives me courage and strength to live the life I am called to live. It is as though I am writing the movie of my life and as soon as it goes on the paper, it shows up in my life.”

Sharmaine L. Hobbs, Moseley, VA, WhenWomenAwaken.com

“A wellspring of wisdom, an ever-bubbling source of joy and insight , Vimala Rodgers has changed my life. I have been practicing my handwriting changes for two years now, took individual lessons from her, have modified my signature dramatically, and feel that Vimala's work surpasses in its transformative implications, real life possibilities, and tangible effectiveness every self-help tool or psychotherapeutic modality available at present.”

Gabriella Martinelli, CEO, Capri Films , Toronto, Canada

As a professor of language and literature for almost four decades, I have been fascinated by the deeper mysteries of language, the origins of the vowels and consonants, their essential meaning, the development of writing systems, and especially the alphabet we use mostly unconsciously every day and the reasons for the unique style of each handwritten statement.Would I ever meet someone who could answer my many questions which went far beyond the critical, analytical approach to interpret language? I finally did in Vimala Rodgers.

Her letters are not simply raw material to be manipulated, but an energy code with intrinsic meaning, a vehicle for human consciousness and an opportunity for personal development. Vimala Rodgers provides, after a lifetime of intensive study, the great synthesis of many disciplines and modes of inquiry trying to understand the fathomless mystery of language. She draws from historical, philosophical, psychological, traditional, scientific and esoteric sources, and presents a holistic vision of language in its handwritten manifestations -- offering concrete and practical steps to overcome obstacles which burden or prevent a person from living a fulfilled life.

I cannot overstate the importance of her work and can attest its benefits from my own experience. Her approach puts a powerful, yet gentle and safe healing tool into the hands of every person who is writing. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to continue my studies with this rare and wise teacher and can only encourage everyone sincerely interested in self development to learn from Vimala Rodgers. —Ludwig Max Fischer, Ph.D., Retired Professor at Willamette University, Oregon

“Vimala Rodgers' brilliant understanding of the intimate relationship between the movement of the hand while using a pen to the neurological development of the brain became, for me, life-altering in personal practice. As a client of Vimala Rodgers for over four years, I speak from experience when I say that changing my handwriting has brought strong growth experiences in my career, a continuing development of service to others, and an awakening of my own inner needs and abilities. Quite a rite of passage!”

Leah Guerry, Executive Director, Louisiana Association for Justice

Vimala’s work is simply amazing. I have experienced countless successes in my life directly attributable to this handwriting practice. It has worked on all levels, personal or professional – whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritually based. From growing my business, relieving physical pain, opening communications, to helping me keep my life in balance. One of the unexpected benefits of this daily practice has been to write a page of “small miracles.” This is a list of all the wonderful, small – usually unnoticed – blessings in your life. Filling your life with such gratitude shifts your focus and creates a day full of lightness and joy.

Vimala’s practice has made me a better father, husband, brother, son, designer, and businessman. Whatever the issue or aspect of my life I’ve wanted to improve, there has been a letter, group of letters, or a ligature that has manifest a positive, truly miraculous transformation.

Michael Ostro, OstroDesign.com, Easton, CT

“I've been seeking and exploring different methods of personal transformation for 30 years. The only practice or discipline that has given me immediate and measurable results has been the Vimala Alphabet. Every single stroke of my writing that I have changed, has brought a change to my life. The Vimala Alphabet simply works!”

Marta Cuervo-Ostro, Easton, CT

Changing my handwriting didn't make me rich and famous as I had hoped, but I discovered things and people that are much more important. I am much happier than I have ever been, and I have reached a higher level of consciousness that would not have been possible had I not changed my handwriting. The Vimala System continues to be one of my favorite avenues for personal and professional excellence because I know it works.
Pamela Lipper

Writing with the Vimala Alphabet is about letting go of fear and judgment. All my life I have been zoo-phobic. Mainly this manifested in fear of four-legged creatures and birds. After meeting Vimala and committing to practicing handwriting changes she'd suggested, I was on a trip in the Southwest with a childhood friend who knew of my fears of animals. We walked out of a 17th century hacienda to find two huge bulls completely unrestrained right in front of us. My friend, expecting me to run back into the hacienda in fear, was shocked that I just walked by them without so much as a flinch. I recognized that the changed handwriting had indeed changed my perceptions and allowed me to let go of a very old fear.

Barbara Cannella

Vimala Rodgers' classes have been the single most valuable and worthwhile investment I have ever made in my personal growth.

-Kate Clark, The Esalen Institute

Vimala's class is the most powerful spiritual awakening I've ever experienced. 

-Debra Quarnberg, Humbolt, IA

A rare and unique opportunity to sit at the feet of a Master Teacher, Vimala's classes have opened a whole new life for me. The benefits from her work are unparalleled.

-Susan Govorko, CA



I have been writing the Vimala Alphabet for four years now and it has completely changed my entire life.  I began using the Vimala Alphabet in a 40-day cycle…without skipping a day.  On day 38 of 40 I was offered a new job…with double the income I had had before, and they paid for my education to get my license.   From that moment on I became a true believer of the Vimala Letters and, four years later, still write every day and continue to have amazing breakthroughs in other areas of my life.  All thanks to the Vimala Alphabet!
-- Misty Ball, TN

 As the officer of a large company, I wanted my position to be one that is practical, value-based, and personally transformational, not only for me, but for those who work for/with me. Being coached by Vimala with specific ways to alter my handwriting, and the effort I’ve put into it, have been well worth it, for both my personal life and business relations as well.
-- Daniel K., Los Angeles, CA

I was introduced to the work of Vimala Rodgers decades ago: intuitively I recognized that she was really on to something that could facilitate personal transformation. Vimala has a true gift to offer, and is confident and excited to offer it, probably because she KNOWS it works! Over the years, my handwriting changes shifted my thinking to create a "new way of thinking"; (new neuronal connections in my brain). This new way of thinking produced a new way of being, thus opening new possibilities in my life.  Recently working with her privately one-on- one, I built on the ground of trust I already had in her methods, and was ready to invest the time to overhaul habits that had previously held me back from manifesting my biggest goals and dreams. Through the masterful attention she provided me in these private sessions, I made simple (yet profound) changes in the way I drew my letters, opening exciting new experiences of myself. Under her keen and immensely kind tutelage, radical shifts occurred, doors opened, and miracles were unwrapped! Vimala offers an unprecedented technology for personal growth that can transform anyone who is willing to take up a pen and apply her methods wholeheartedly and persistently. Those who do will hold a powerful key to experiencing their own unlimited potential!
-- Anne Kerry Ford, Ojai, CA

In the five years since I changed my handwriting I have been living my life more fully, more joyfully, and more creatively. I've come to understand my gifts, my uniqueness, and to absolutely rejoice in a freedom I could not have imagined before. My expansion both surprises and completely delights me. I am grateful for Vimala's presence, her dedication, and her place in my life and in the world.

--Kara Asilanis, www.blacklionart.com

Mr. Palmer, step aside. The Vimala Alphabet is ready to change the world!
–-Henriette Klauser, Ph.D., author of Write it Down, Make it Happen

Vimala offers a fresh, pure, and striking alphabet to anyone whose handwriting needs some encouragement--even those who are ready to give up. If you clutch and go dismal at the thought of presenting yourself on paper, you need this book.

–-Margaret Shepherd, author of Calligraphy Made Easy and The Art of the Handwritten Note

My special education students who have continued with your handwriting system are no longer delinquent or having trouble with the police.  They have been practicing for 2 years. You helped save 24 lives.
-- Caren F. R. Psy.D., Los Angeles, CA

Then one year later...
Your method has transformed at least 300 lives. The students in my middle school special education classes that have practiced your method were able to culminate with their general education peers. I have not been as rigorous with myself due to time constraints, yet my ”t’s” remain highly crossed and my teacher’s manual is lovingly worn.
-- Caren F. R., Psy.D., Los Angeles, CA