Q: How is this different from handwriting analysis?

A: Handwriting analysis is another word for graphology. A graphologist studies your handwriting patterns and compiles a list of your personality traits. As an Alphabetician, I don't tell you who you are because you already know that. Rather, I guide you in adopting letter formations that bring out the best in yourself.

Q: How does this work in my brain?

A: What happens in your brain when you change your handwriting is called neuroplasticity, a term coined by the Polish neurophysiologist, Jerzy Konorski, in 1973. It is also referred to as "cortical remapping," or the brain's ability to rewire itself.

Q: Why should I handwrite rather than type?

A: When we wrap our fingers around a pen, pencil, or chopstick, we trigger the prefrontal lobe of the brain, our creative center. When we use a keyboard to type and communicate words, we draw from the primitive, non-social part of the brain, also referred to as the reptilian brain. 

Q: Is this spiritual or scientific?

A: Both. As Einstein once said, "Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind." I prefer to use the world "spirituality" rather than "religion," as religion is based on belief and spirituality is based on experience. Einstein also said, "The most beautiful and most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science."

Q: What letter should I start with?

A: For the most powerful personal life shift, begin by writing the initial of your first name---not nickname, but real, birth first name, and write it daily, upper and lowercase, and words that contain it, filling pages of UNlined paper. If you adopted a new first name after your 35th birthday, use that as your first name. Practice your new writing each day for 40 days; do not skip a day.

Q: How can changing my handwriting improve my relationships?

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Q: How can changing my handwriting improve my relationships?

A: It depends on why they aren't working satisfactorily. Begin to practice the initials of both your first name and last name at birth and begin faithfully to write these letters for 40 days--without missing one.

Q: Why does it take 40 days?

A: Not coincidentally, 40 is the number of transformation in virtually all traditions. It also takes 40 days for the neurons in the brain to realign themselves, which is what the process of altering handwriting patterns does.