books by iihs graduates

The Willingness to Change By Robin Tanguay, CHC


This book is based on Robin’s experiences with the 12 Steps Program and what it takes to release addiction. Rather than focusing on addiction to alcohol or drugs, she offers the 12 Steps for all of us (!) who might have habit we want to be rid of ---by adopting specific writing changes, for each letter represents a part of our personality.​ Find out more here


Animals, pen, and ink... A cursive writing system for the 21st Century By Susan Govorko, CHC


Susan has created a book on how to write cursive that feels more like a magical adventure! She not only explains what the letters mean, but brings them alive by sharing their inner personalities! Guidelines, practice pages, stories, animals that express the energy of each letter, and basic information that teachers will find both helpful and fun to share with their students. This book is a must have for anyone teaching children (and adults!) how to write! Find out more here

The Choice is Yours by Shannon Poppie


Choose to adopt The Vimala Alphabet as your writing system and watch your life unfold in the most amazing ways! Find out more here


Someone to Watch Over Me by Lucy Grace Yaldezian


Whether your spiritual beliefs include the structure of a specific faith or not, "Someone to Watch Over Me," by Lucy Grace Yaldezian, offers a door to making the intangibility of faith accessible and real to children; an avenue of spiritual comfort, protection and guidance. This book serves to create a shared experience between an adult and a cherished child.  Find out more here


Gifts of the Mandala: A Guided Journey of Self-Discovery by Clare Goodwin


Clare Goodwin has been active as an artist, astrologer, intuitive reader & counselor for 35 years. Her many artistic endeavors and her thriving counseling practice enrich each other. 

When Clare read “Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life” she recognized a higher calling in forming the letters on a daily basis while repeating the positive intention. The practice has become core for aligning with her true self.  Find out more here


German translation of *Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life*by Vimala Rodgers


 German translation of  *Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life by Vimala Rodgers 

Translated by Alexandra Seiler


More Books

German translation of *Ligatures: Accelerating Your Life Path by Vimala Rodgers


 German translation of Ligatures: Accelerating Your Life Path by Vimala Rodgers. 

Translated by Alexandra Seiler