About Vimala Rodgers

Vimala Rodgers founded The Institute of Integral Handwriting Studies in 1991 in Palo Alto, California, as a vehicle through which to share this technology and train others in applying it. Ever expanding its horizons, in January 2006 Vimala established the "Handwriters for Peace" program with outreach in 70+ countries where people are writing the Vimala Alphabet every day with the intention of forwarding the cause of world peace.She has trained over 400 students, and certified over 150 as Certified Handwriting Consultants. In 2008, Rodgers appointed five  graduates as Authorized Instructors, certified to teach the Basic Intensive Course, The Psychology of Written Expression®. Vimala's bestseller, Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life, is currently in its 15th printing (Fireside/Simon and Schuster, 2000.)