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About Vimala Rodgers

Who is Vimala?

Vimala is zealous pioneer in brain/hand research, Vimala Rodgers is an educator, handwriting expert, and impassioned Alphabetician whose focus is on the inherent spirituality of the letters of the alphabet and their effect upon the psyche. Trained as a Peak Performance Coach at Stanford University, Rodgers works with people in our global community who want to redefine their life work and create a dazzling future doing what they love.

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The Alphabetical Way Peace Group

Vimala created The Alphabetical Way Peace Group on Facebook as a way to connect people dedicated to global peace and to incorporate the letter 'P' into their handwriting everyday with the declaration 'I interact with people as though they love me' 

Vimala's Five Noble Truths

The letters of the Alphabet are the building blocks from which to construct your new and exciting future; the Five Noble Truths serve as the foundation. Keep them handy and refer to them often.

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More from Vimala

Alphabetical Prayer Circle

The Alphabetical Prayer Circle is a group where members ask for prayers in emergency situations and we hold both them and their request in our prayers.  

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Vimala's Alphabet & Ligatures

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These Hands of Ours

This magical embroidery-and-crazy-quilt was fashioned by a Vimala Writer in New York.  On a whim, she decided to take a picture of it and send it to us.  When Vimala saw it, she immediately asked for – and received – permission to post it where everyone could see it!  

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Books by IIHS Graduates

Once the student graduates from Vimala's  advanced courses, to attain certification as an authorized Handwriting Instructor, the s/he must create a project based on what s/he has learned, and have it approved by Vimala.   These books have met this criteria with flying colors!

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Here's what Vimala's clients are saying

“By following Vimala’s advice, I released many old negative patterns. As she says, when you change your handwriting, your whole life changes for the better.”—Louise L. Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life education school

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See what the most popular questions are for Vimala and if you don't see your question, please email us so we can get that answered for you! 

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Get more information on how to attend Vimala's Webinar Series! 

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