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About Vimala Rodgers

Who is Vimala?


A zealous pioneer in brain/hand research, Vimala Rodgers is an educator, handwriting expert, and impassioned Alphabetician whose focus is on the inherent spirituality of the letters of the alphabet and their effect upon the psyche. 

Vimala is currently training a global group of 20 students to become Qualified Handwriting Consultants who, upon graduation in September 2019, will be qualified to teach The Vimala Alphabet to both students and individuals.

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Vimala's Online Webinars


Available for purchase with a click of your mouse.  Vimala's A-Zed and Ligatures webinars and the Vegetarian Meals for People on the go video!

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The Alphabetical Way Peace Group


Vimala created The Alphabetical Way Peace Group on Facebook as a way to connect people dedicated to global peace and to incorporate the letter 'P' into their handwriting everyday with the declaration 'I interact with people as though they love me' 

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Vimala's Letter for 2019

Honoring Mother Earth

Dear Friends,

Because traditionally, 40 is the number of sacred completion—i.e. accomplishing a goal that transforms the past into a blessed future, please continue to write lines of the Letter Pp (our letter for 2018) from Thanksgiving (November 22) through the following 40 days (December 31st. ) ---offering the 40-day transition as a blessing into the New Year.

Speaking of which…with an introductory background that many of you have requested:

In 1988 after a few deep breaths and many ongoing prayers, I embraced my courage, picked up my pen, and began teaching, writing, and offering presentations about the inherent sacredness of the letters of our beloved Alphabet, and the impact they have on our lives. Since that time, many hundreds of you around the world have read one or more of my books, studied with me, participated in one or more of my 300 plus workshops, or worked with me one-on-one---and after having adopted specific writing habits --experienced profound changes in your life. I’m absolutely delighted—that some of you “old timers” are watching my webinars!

In years gone by, when many of you would insist that I offer a class on the internet, I would reply: “No thanks! I’ll just write another book!” Well, six books later---it turns out that your advice was spot on!—and I was a bit slow to honor it—for which I both apologize and thank you!

Whether you’re an “alphabetical old timer” -- or if this technology is new to you--- from my heart to yours---I welcome you! and invite you to become an involved member of our Alphabetical Team--- a valuable part in creating the changes that are right ahead: beautiful, uplifting global changes to our environment.

This week, as I was reviewing all the letters and ligatures, I just couldn’t decide which one would have the most far-reaching impact in the coming year. Then, in the midst of my pondering, one of my “alphabetical old timers” called---and, even without my bringing up the topic, she suggested:
“In 2019, why don’t we have our Letter be the Wi wi?” which, of course, made perfect sense! Thank you, Mary---and so it is.

The Inner Voice of the Wi wi Ligature is:
“I honor our precious earth and am an inspiring example for others.”

Healing The Earth with our Pen

Please Join Us!

The only investment is your commitment and a bit of your time each day; no fee is involved. Please pick up your pen, and with us, begin to activate this transformational exercise:
@ Each day of the coming year, beginning January first, 2019, write this:
“I, [your first name] honor our precious earth and am an inspiring example for others.”
@ Then write two lines of the Wi wi (On unlined paper of course!)
@ Then--- share a practical way that you are bringing the Wi to life! For example, “I make it a point to recycle all recyclable items---and guide others in doing the same.”

Then, as you look around, you will see myriad instances in which even one person can make a profound environmental difference in a very basic way. Here’s an example of such a project that was instigated by a 16-year old:


Right in time for our Wi wi campaign!

I’m absolutely delighted-- and honored -- to announce a Kickstarter campaign for a brilliant friend of ours, Mari, who is launching her new company for 100% biodegradable hemp diapers to replace those that are currently made of plastic. This product will have a dramatically positive global impact on the environment. I invite you to be a vital part of her vision by joining her Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/224008826/oh-geez-diaper?ref=7h0m2c

Closer to home:
@ Go to the local stores where you regularly shop and invite them to stop making their “tote bags” out of plastic, and instead, to have them made of cloth or biodegradable material.
@ Begin purchasing products packaged in glass or some other non-plastic material, and guide people how to avoid the use of plastic, whenever possible.
@Visit your local Farmers Market (if you have one) and support your local farmers and community.

If the Wi wi is already active in your life, guide others in how to make conscious choices---in particular, how to purchase from companies that actively support the environment. Of equal importance is to avoid companies who, with full awareness, support destructive practices that destroy land, lakes, rivers, oceans, and wildlife.

I heard for years that “RoundUp” ---a product by Monsanto, is not only toxic to plants, but also to the earth in which they grow, and it also affects humans negatively. Because I am shy of belief, after I researched it, I was horrified that it still can be sold!

If you know of any company that supports the environment practically, please send me information about them, and we’ll let the world know! I will be developing a part of my website to share all this information as a resource. If you have an environmentally favorite product or company that reflects our mission, please send it to me here: teachers@vimalarodgers.com

Throughout 2019---our Wi wi year! I’m inviting you to share the experiences you will have, with people you inspired to honor the environment---and how they chose to do that--- and allow us to print their story in our newsletter. I won’t use your name or theirs, but I’d love to share your story!
And remember, above all, to WRITE two lines of your Wi's and LIVE them each day!

From my heart to yours---with deep bows and Alphabetical Blessings, I thank you!

Support Our Commitment to the Environment!

 Wi wi will be our letter for 2019, promoting the health of Mother Earth. This year, my Granddaughter's business,  Onthewallmetal.com has helped us to create not only beautiful Metal Alphabet coasters and prints, but gave us the gorgeous Pp coaster (for Peace) which is our coaster for 2018. Today I am happy to announce that for 2019, Onthewallmetal.com gives us 2 amazing coasters to choose from for the letter Wi wi! We normally sell these for $14 each but will sell them for $12 until the end of the year. 

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Vimala's Five Noble Truths

The letters of the Alphabet are the building blocks from which to construct your new and exciting future; the Five Noble Truths serve as the foundation. Keep them handy and refer to them often.

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More from Vimala

Alphabetical Prayer Circle


The Alphabetical Prayer Circle is a group where members ask for prayers in emergency situations and we hold both them and their request in our prayers.  

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Vimala's Alphabet & Ligatures


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These Hands of Ours


This magical embroidery-and-crazy-quilt was fashioned by a Vimala Writer in New York.  On a whim, she decided to take a picture of it and send it to us.  When Vimala saw it, she immediately asked for – and received – permission to post it where everyone could see it!  

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Books by IIHS Graduates


Once the student graduates from Vimala's  advanced courses, to attain certification as an authorized Handwriting Instructor, the s/he must create a project based on what s/he has learned, and have it approved by Vimala.   These books have met this criteria with flying colors!

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Here's what Vimala's clients are saying

“By following Vimala’s advice, I released many old negative patterns. As she says, when you change your handwriting, your whole life changes for the better.”—Louise L. Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life 

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See what the most popular questions are for Vimala and if you don't see your question, please email us so we can get that answered for you! 

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Get more information on how to attend Vimala's Webinar Series! 

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